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2018 version available from January 2018. This edition of Lent Extra recalls Jesus’ plea to his close friends. “Be with me.” We all need someone to accompany us in good times and in bad. “A trouble shared is a trouble halved. A joy shared is a joy doubled.” “Be with me”… and so Lent Extra reflects on our daily personal and shared journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, where we too, like Luke de Pulford, may often find ourselves helping others to carry their cross. Like renowned sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green and serving prisoner Mary J, we also discover that our days, often filled with difficulty, also lead to finding hope and new vision. The Lent Extra theme, “Be with me” represents Jesus’ invitation and our prayer. Holy Week itself is an invitation and a response. Jesus’ words, “I am the bread of life”, are also both a promise and an answer to prayer. Without Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection, there could be no Eucharist. This special edition of Lent Extra, as always, focuses on Lent and Easter. It also reflects on the forthcoming Adoremus, the first National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress to be held in England and Wales since 1908. The Eucharistic Congress, with its theme, “I am the bread of life”, can potentially become a landmark on our pilgrimage towards Jesus. It will help us to respond spiritually and physically to his invitation to “Be with me”.Whilst the Congress will have its own unique impact within each diocese, it will culminate in Liverpool, where the archdiocese will host the main events. It involves a journey, perhaps with an unexpected beginning, as Liverpudlian screenwriter Jimmy McGovern shows when he remembers his schooldays and his first steps towards his eventual writing career. Canon Tony O’Brien, Dean of Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral helps to link Lent Extra to the Congress… Catherine Pepinster, Maggie Doherty and others consider the importance of the Congress, of pilgrimage and of our personal journey through Lent and Easter towards this unique moment.The magazine also offers children an opportunity to learn more about the meaning of our Lenten journey. In a pull-out centrefold, the Lenten calendar and puzzles condense the Easter mystery into bite-size chunks.

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