Sale Bird's Eye View of the Bible (A)

Bird's Eye View of the Bible (A)

Bird's Eye View of the Bible (A)

Mary Williams



3 /5

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ISBN: 9780852313831
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A Bird’s-Eye View of the Bible is the perfect guide for beginners. It contains a wealth of information to light up the background to the great writers of the Bible. Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon are set in their historical and theological contexts, with timelines and maps, and introductions to concepts like Law and Covenant. The great prophets and poets of the Old Testament come to life against the background of their culture, as they help their people to worship, fear and listen to God. It also puts the New Testament in its historical and literary setting, showing the difference between Gospels and Letters, between formal theological expositions and intimate glimpses into the lives of the first Christians. Ideal for group study or individual use.

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