Catechetics and RE How to Survive in Leadership in a Catholic School

How to Survive in Leadership in a Catholic School

How to Survive in Leadership in a Catholic School

Raymond Friel



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Raymond Friel has written a follow-up book to his and Sr Judith Russi’s book 'How to Survive Working in a Catholic School'. The new book is written specifically for headteachers and those in senior leadership. It is a personal and practical guide to leadership in Catholic schools based on the real-life experiences of the author as well as a variety of heads that he visited. 'How to Survive in Leadership in a Catholic School' examines the challenges and rewards inherent in Catholic headship. He explores how young people connect with the Gospel, the structure of the Church, what the role of a Catholic school is and should be, and how to inspire children whilst trying to balance the demands and expectations of the government, Church and parents.The book provides a variety of voices from heads of Catholic schools including primary, secondary and sixth-form colleges of state, maintained and independent structures. The notion of a servant leader is developed with an acknowledgement that being the head of a Catholic school is unique. The stress and strain that a Catholic head experiences is undeniable so one chapter is dedicated to looking at how one can achieve a sustainable work-life balance so that you can not only survive but thrive. Raymond Friel does not profess to know all the answers nor does he offer his school as a blueprint for success. He recognises that all heads, including himself, are involved in an ever-changing environment where flexibility, humility and faith are vital, not only to success but survival. Throughout the book there are questions to pause and reflect upon. They would also be an excellent framework for use with the senior leadership team, helping everyone to actively and thoughtfully engage with the mission and direction of the school.

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